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    I offer full frame and roll cage fabrication along with other custom fabrication. With over 15 years experience, I have designed and built complete offroad competitionchassis, full roll cages in cars and trucks, custom bumpers, re-clipped frames, and even add on additions to existing cagework.  No job is to big or to small.
Affordable priced for the Beginner, with quality of an Expert.
inquire at or contact at 570-233-9904
Done Right the First Time
With the increase in enduro racing, I have came up with a kit that with meet the enduro rules at your home track. This is the basic 4 point cage, I bend it to your specific car and give it to you to install $100.  I can install it here at the shop for an additional $100.

Some track will require front down bars or door bars as added protection, I can add them to the kit for just the price of material, usually around $25 to $35 additional cost.

Cage kits got you down??? You can pay up to $400 for a cage kit, 
then add truck freight shipping cost, and you still have to install and weld it. They come is general sizes and you end up modifying the whole thing by the time your done.
Don't mess with the headache.
I do not offer this as a do it yourself kit because I measure your car every step of the way to get the tighest fit. I offer this as a complete install.  You bring me the car, a seat and a window net. for $700 you get a professionally installed cage that will pass safety tech at the track.  What do you get?? You get a Custom 4 point cage built specifically for your car, with 3 door bars on driver side and 2 door bars on pass side, a dash bar, two back bar, diagonal bar all completely welded, window net installed, and seat secured to cage with 5 point harness attaching points. in the position that u want. When it is time to mount the seat, you are called to position it to your liking, I do not guess at this. This is based on the car and doors being gutted, I can do it as well if you prefer. 
This is designed to give you an idea of cost and final product. Because every job is unique, contact me with your idea or track rules and I can build it.  
                                                      PLEASE VIEW SOME OF MY PREVIOUS WORK BELOW.

                                                                        SCCA CAR add on cage work

                                Tube Chassis RockCrawler.  2.2 ecotec w/ turbo, powerglide, atlas II, Ford 9" centers with Dana 60 outers.

 Factory Stock / Street Stock spec. cage

 Cage and Rock Guards and custon 4 link with King 14" travel coilovers

                                                                                                                Custom bunpers built vehicle specific.

                                                                                                              Subframe car w/ streetstock cage

                                                                              N.E.E.T.S / Big Diamond / Grandview / enduro spec cage in FWD car


                                     SCCA road course car  Feiro with a recliped rear half housing a LS1 coevette motor and G6 6 speed